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Customized Home Cooking

I cook fare designed just for you! Anything from full meals, to best-loved edibles - soups, meats, vegetarian items, or desserts. Whether I cook in your own home, or deliver from my kitchen to yours, you may schedule your homemade food weekly, monthly, or whenever the need arises. Your food may be enjoyed fresh, and will store well in the freezer.

Consulting With You

After talking with you about you and your family’s preferences and dietary requirements, I’ll create menus designed just for you!


I am happy to cook from my own repertoire, as well as from my clients’ best loved recipes they’ve found on the internet, or from favored chefs’ cookbooks. I’ve also had the pleasure of cooking clients’ family recipes - sometimes handed down through generations.

A Specialty - Cooking for the Elderly

The elderly have their own special needs that may affect their eating experience. I have found that when someone is present in their home, to place a meal before them, the personal consideration and companionship helps them to enjoy their meals.

Food From A Friendly Face

I will cook your loved one’s favorite cuisine in their home, enjoying their company, or in my own kitchen and then deliver their finished food. Either way, we’ll have a visit while I personally serve them a meal, then store extra dishes in the fridge or freezer to be taken out and heated another day. Your family member or friend will enjoy an experience designed just for them.

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